About Wei Chuan

沙尔克04对霍芬海姆 www.fdjckd.com.cn Welcome to Wei Chuan Foods Corp.
With sincere devotion and constant commitment, the WEI CHUAN FOODS CORPORATION enriches your life and improves your health, enhancing every moment with cultured elegance for a satisfying and tasteful lifestyle.

Corporate Identity

A Mellow and Pleasurable Range of Tastes that Spans All Five Flavors.


Wholehearted Commitment to Creating a Healthy and Convenient Life and Culture.

Operation Philosophy

Humanistic — Respect, Innovation and Value.

Main Business Scope
Food Business

Dairy & Beverage, Seasonings, etc...

  • Taichung Factory: Tinned food, soy sauce, MSG gourmet powder, seasonings, fresh juice
  • Doliu Factory:

    Tetra Pak sterilized milk, soy milk, rice milk, juice, cooler drinks, fermented milk, gel.

  • Kaohsiung Factory: Milk and pudding.

Overseas Affiliates

Expansion in Mainland China at present stage.


Widely Range from packaging , to ranch and
amusement business.

Research & Development

Technology Leadership through Spontaneous R&D!

  • The mission of R&D is to create healthy, convenient, tasty, quality products that meet customer’s needs with leading technologies and ceaseless effort.

  • Professional team with diverse background in food, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, and industrial design.

  • Profound technological foundation for product development in areas such as flavoring, emulsification, fermentation, aseptic processing, soy sauce brewing, granulation technology, biotechnology, and nutritional formula design platform technologies.
  • SQF (Safe Quality Food)
  • ISO22000
Future Business Development
  • Mainland China: Reinforce operation system.
  • Taiwan: To be the most competitive food company specialized in marketing.
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